Thursday, January 3, 2013

What a lovely mother and sister

SIL had a little boy on Friday. He still doesn't have a name. SIL and BIL want to name him something but her mother and her sister don't like it. So they think of an alternative, when they tell her mother and sister they say  "all we will think of is of someone else they know with that name". James rings her up that same day as it is the day she is released from hospital and she is in tears because they don't like any of the names they want to call him and there other brother hasn't even tried to ring her. James tells her to call the baby what they want. But since it is a week tomorrow since she has had the baby seems like she is still worrying about other opinions when it should be only between her and her husband.

If MIL was a decent mother she would leave her opinions to herself and put the stress of her poor hormonal daughter. SIL knows that her mother will never let her live it down if she names him something she doesn't like. She did it to me when I had Amahlia. She pipes up when she visits with poor little thing. I was sooooo pissed. But truely besides loving the name I loved it so much more bc I knew she would hate it. Its not a name in the bible and its different.

When James said to me about all of this I said to him see and you wondered why I wouldn't discuss names with you until we had our babies. We had our children then we decided a name. I wouldn't let him call anyone until we had a named picked out because if his family said they didn't like it, there wouldn't have been any chance of calling our children what we wanted.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tattoo designs

When I am done breastfeeding I want to finally get my tattoo of the kids names. I want somewhere to keep my ideas incase my pc dies again so here they are. I think I want the kids name in the 2nd last font in the infinity sign (so there is no break in sign/run writing)  like the first pic with the love heart over it a bit like 2nd pic.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Like really? I know going to have an operation is scare y. I get that. I was going to suggest to hubby that if no one is going to be their for MIL when she gets out of her operation that he take the day off work and be there because their is nothing worse then waking up with no one there, but your eldest will be there (not your husband because he knows less than your children). BUT really going through all your stuff and sorting it out for your children because you are not going to come out of the operation alive is so over dramatic.

You tell 3 of your children that it is just a standard procedure but you carry on like you are! Going to visit everyone before you go because they will never see you again, really. You are either being over dramatic or you are lying about the operation. Which I think you are and so do your children. All besides your eldest who they all know, really knows what is going on. Why would you have an operation to take something out just in case?? Why can't you be honest with ALL your children and husband? They don't know whether to believe you or think its all a lie, there is no trust in your family because you all lie to one another about stupid little things, such as your eldest told James that she will be in hospital for 8 days after operation but don't tell her she told him. Like WTF James see's her every day usually so I am pretty sure he will notice she isn't home. Why is that a secret??  So your 3 other children are all talking to one another discussing what they think is going on because not one of them believe you.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ha ha

They went to the zoo yesterday and it was cr@p. HA HA that will teach you for being horrible. It saves us from taking the boys too. I said to James yesterday they only went yesterday as they knew I couldn't go. James seems to agree. They thought I would let Zack go though without Ashton yeah right. They could have gone any of the days they are originally arranged but they changed it a few days before as they knew I couldn't go. Well HA HA to you, a 6 hour car trip for cr@p!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

So irritating

So I never got back to whine about when SIL was down for Christmas. But they are driving me mad now as they are back down. Way before Christmas they asked if Zack could go to the disney show and then the zoo the next day and for us to take Ash to the zoo with them, it was going to be Zack Christmas present. I got James to ask them more then once what day they are going to the show the Tuesday or Wednesday. There reply was oh we don't know we haven't booked the tickets yet. Since my next obs appointment was booked for the Wednesday I decided to change it since she books out so early. This meant I had to change my next scan appointment to so I change it to the Monday since they were going to the zoo the day after they saw the show and I thought it was safe that way.

NOW today they ask can we go to the zoo on Monday (they never booked the show in the end). I changed my scan to Monday so guess what no we can't go to the zoo. I changed everything around for them which took several calls, you can't ask the Friday afternoon before my scan to change it again it doesn't happen as they book out quickly.

Now I am in two minds about this. I am irritated because the boys miss out on going to the zoo (they are taking my niece and nephew so they can't take my kids not that I would let them anyway especialy sleep over 4 hours away) and I think Ash would love the zoo. Although I am relieved I don't have to spend 2 days with them. But really I change everything around to accommodate them and then the change it 2 days before.

Friday, January 6, 2012

They are gone for now yay!

What a long week and a bit that was when the SIL was down. James and I haven't argued so much in ages and ages then when they were down. Zack was down there all the time ALL day no matter how much we said it was time for him to come home. James won't say no to bad he is to come home because he is to scared of them. I wouldn't have minded if it was a few hours but when it gets 9-12 hours a day it was to much for Zack which meant I had to pick up the pieces. He was emotional (thankfully thats stopped now they have left). But his silly, naughty behaviour hasn't stopped. It makes me so mad. It takes me ages to rope him back in. Some nights they didn't bring him home till 10pm way way to late and past his bed time, they carried him inside so it was obvious he was soooooo tired. They only care about themselves and what they want.

The negative thing is I am pretty sure they will be back this holidays so its all about to come again. *sigh*